If you are a private individual looking to move to the UK or have just returned from holiday with some special large holiday purchases, we offer a one stop shop for hassle and stress free relocation.

New rulings mean you are required to have a UDN (Unique Declaration Number) shown on your bill of lading.  Without this you will be liable for DUTY/VAT on all your effects.  This has to be created prior to departure.   You can either speak with your clearance agent at origin or view the below webpage.  Please contact us for more details.  Other rules for Inventories and the requirement for C3 documents are still in place.


H.M.Revenue & Customs do require a C3 form to be completed, at the bottom of the page is a link to this document which you can print and then complete. A full inventory list of your belongings is also required and will need to be sent to us along with your completed C3 form.


You should also note that alcohol and tobacco’s are not classed as personal effects even if you are moving and will be subject to UK import duties.


HMRC Form C3


Transferring your residence to the UK and bringing your vehicle with you? This is a nice easy process and an HMRC form C104A must be completed. A printable link to this form is at the bottom of the page.


We can then arrange for your vehicle to be unpacked at a local warehouse for your collection.


HMRC Form C104A


Purchasing a vehicle from abroad?

Cavendish has a wealth of experience dealing with Motor vehicle imports.

Even with Import duty and VAT payable, we know that vehicle purchasing abroad can be a cheaper way of obtaining your dream vehicle. An HMRC form C384 must be completed and a printable link is below.


HMRC Form C384


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